Monday, February 20, 2017

Economy - Retail and the 21st Century City/Town centre (51)

Seem to be some rather worrying signs beginning to ripple into sight in the UK economy.

A sad sign for Ealing retail they're now online only
(1) House Prices have stalled -  Estate agents have felt the need to inflate prices above that which the market justifies in order to attract (selling)  customers but are finding that purchasers are not purchasing at unrealistic prices which means properties are hanging around.

(2) Consumer spending has stalled - The other thing is that of concern to some commentators is that consumer spending is not holding firm - this may be connected with (1) and could worryingly impact (in time) on employment and confidence throughout the economy - worldwide factors connected to US policies could also impact.

All Original a similar operation 

Now that there is out there a plan about Business rates from UK government it is not being widely applauded .

The changes don't appear  (if they were intended) to be sorting inequities between the big boys (e.g. Tesco)  along with the  'virtual high street sellers' (like Amazon) .

Local to me Rumbles which has operated for a long time in Ealing looks set to go 'online' and of course they'll have regular customers who will stick with them but the idea of popping in for unusual gifts and cards is now gone - and it seems another coffee shop will be trading in the premises.

I had thought that nearby All Original (on Ealing Green)  would not re-open but it's good to see it back after a change of ownership - but for how long?
It's £66.11p

The challenge out there in the local high street  is to keep business dynamic but also serving the community - it's in our interest to help avoid too much of a deterioration in the UK consumer spend.


Avalon is a sort of Nirvana in (Celtic) mythology - the version in W13 might fall a little short of this.

Probably named before the Roxy Music album of the same name

A door that looks very weathered (and has a funny letter-box)
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