Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Hanwell Churches (46)

Another church this one is in Hanwell and amongst a couple of others and a Saint I'm not familiar with St Mellitus.

A modern Catholic Church

A Methodist Church

A Hanwell  Church named for the Saint Mellitus

Saint Mellitus was an important figure in helping to grow the Christian faith in England when Paganism was widespread but is not so often commemorated these days, he became the first Bishop of London.
A Saint remembered 

It is said that Mellitus achieved Sainthood by virtue of the diverting of a fire in Canterbury - his saints day is April 24th

Mellitus was a sufferer of Gout and sufferers have been advised to pray at the site of his burial (in Canterbury England)
We're looking at £61.23.

{Today is a day celebrated by Buddhists, Parinirvana day this is a day that celebrates that when the rebirth cycle is broken on their death  the person who has reached Nirvana will break out form the recurring cycle, the Buddha attained this at Kusinara .} 


Who was Cowper I hear you say

Well it seems he was a writer of Hymns and Poems  - and there are some famous lines he's credited with too.

A Black door nicely framed amongst white

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