Sunday, February 12, 2017

New Testament, Church of God Inc(43)

Having read a rather disturbing news items about a Churchman (getting the impression that his Burn in Hell message is a bit of a Old Testament angle)   send an unpleasant e-mail to Anna Soubry the Conservative MP who has been vocal with her views on 'Brexit'  it's good to see that there other  Churches presumably less political and with perhaps more tolerance.

 So another Christian Church (in Shepherds Bush, West London)  and very much a new testament vibe coming from it.

A bit of a Caribbean vibe to this church at 1a Loftus Road
St Stephens in W12 reflects a diverse community 

The Church (and NTCG) is born out of believers who have travelled from their homes to new lands and is tied into The Pentecostal Evangelical Tradition many worshippers at such smaller Churches are from racial minorities .
This area is strong on faith there's a small Muslim Mosque nearby (which makes clear  a different view on women's worship).

In the main road there's too a traditional church  named for St Stephen it's got an associated school (more about Church Schools later).

And it's looking like £57. 77


Near the church we see number 43 with slightly risky looking wire coming out of the letterbox

Home of QPR too 

Wonder where the wire goes?

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