Friday, February 03, 2017

Christian Methodist and (34)

If you want to worship there.

So don't think I've left the search for churches and temples behind -this is Kingsdown named after the road it's on the corner of - you can see it has  an admirable claim .

Here's a church that's a 15 minute or so walk away from home - I've not been in there but as a teenager I did (occasionally) go to a Methodist Church in Braintree Essex - as I can't recall the church well or the ceremonies - I did though for a while  regularly attend the Inters (I think they were called) youth club - I recall bottlers of 'pop' and playing football.

A functioning place of faith.

I'll quote what I have now found out about 'Methodism'.

1) Methodist churches are 'Dry', alcohol is not consumed in a Methodist Church as part of the ceremonies - it's these days a personal matter whether congregation members consume it away from the premises.

2) The founders  of the Church (principally brothers Charles and John Wesley ) were at the time of the finding of 'Methodism' part of the  'Church of England'  after their death.

3) The Church and scheme of faith were known as 'Methodists' as they had/have a method.

£46.52 and  £50 is just  round the corner
It's interesting to learn that the Church is a worldwide one (including South Korea and Africa and China) and that there are many different variations of it.

 Find out more here

Doors are Us

Black seems a good colour for a 'Posh' door.

All Terraces lead to Nottingham Terrace perhaps?

A calm and secure looking door at 34

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