Thursday, February 09, 2017

See Emily Play and her works (40)

Tate Extension AKA 'Switch'
Around the back of Tate Modern there's a fairly exclusive area of 'apartments' and pricey looking shops.

On Tuesday I arrived for my Intro to Tate Modern  course slightly early (in common with most public exhibition spaces Tate Modern doesn't open its doors until 10:00 am) so took a small wander.

I was interested to see dotted around sculptures reminiscent of some of those near Paternoster Square - referencing classical building adornments with a distressed look to suggest ageing.

On inspection of their plinths they all seemed to be done by the same Sculptor - Emily Young, well with the wonders of the internet I find not only is she considered by some to be the greatest living British Sculptor but also the 'muse' of the early Pink Floyd song See Emily Play penned by Syd Barrett - well do look around and you too can see examples of this. [If you don't know the song do check it out - from 50 years ago, still far out!]

Emily Young's 'Tempesta'

And another this one's Amiata Warrior Head

A different colour for Rouge de Vitrolles Head

And this one's called Wind Head

And this I suppose this has the brain the size of a 'Planet'

I've got £53.34 


Here we are at 40 (only 325 to go)

No Craven Images?

No. 40 with doors like this feels almost like a Garage

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