Saturday, February 04, 2017

Small Pleasures, and (35)

I've finished reading 'Small Pleasures' from The School of Life, it was a great book (I've read 2 books since Christmas and would like to continue the 'roll')

Now  I'm going to start noting my own Small Pleasures as they crop up - hopefully not in an obsessive way but actually these fine moments  are worth noting and they do add up to some good  and can (hopefully) outweigh the small disappointments and irritations which are thehe other side of the coin.

Tongs- They work like scissors
(But don't cut)

In that mould I'll mention and bring to your attention  Kitchen Tools that help you.

I'm not talking about designer-y Philippe Stark Lemon Squeezers or Kenwood mixers, no I'm talking about Peelers and Tongs, A peeler that works and feels good in you hand and tongs so much more practical than a fish slice or those silly springy tongs with a serrated edge.

How great it is to find something that feels right and works like an extension of your hand - and the
Peel. don't cut or scrape
 point in  time that you realise that this does the job so well for you, that sweet point before you stop realising what a great fit it is (and it breaks or goes in the dustbin by mistake).

Happy peeling and enjoy turning your sausages (no euphemism intended).

More Scores on More Doors

£47.57 is a nice number

Well Ellers is the road for 35 and it comes from Germany (or Yorkshire?) it seems - for either case I'm not sure how it found itself in West London though.

[Not as in where the ellers did that come from]
The building -not the road.

Look how they've spaced the numbers and the way the panels are proportioned.
(nice  door furniture too)

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