Friday, February 17, 2017

A Taste of Feminist Art and more Political Perspectives at Tate Modern (48)

So the idea of the political in modern art is not just about Colonialism and challenges to the existing hegemony - for over a 100 years there's been an ongoing struggle over 'Feminism' and the Tate Modern acknowledges this in a number of ways - not least in addressing the imbalance between the portrayal of Women as 'Muses' and as artists.

Guerrilla Girls with a series of 'proclamations'.

A bit text heavy perhaps 

I suppose for me while recognising the way the history of Modern (western) Art has been written largely by white men - there is something rather tedious about endless sloganeering and text heavy displays.

 Amongst the work by women artists providing a feminist analysis of society some are (as you'd expect) more successful than others - those like Cindy Sherman (here her untitled #126  -listen to her talk about photography ) whose work is unsettling rather than just direct perhaps provide more in the way of change as the images stay with us longer.

Untitled #126

A newspaper reproduction - Shine on by artist Sarah Lucas

Sarah Lucas is famous for being part of the wave of UK artists famously known as YBAs  and is considered to be someone who uses humour in her work.

Untitled by Linder

Another artist working to confront Feminist issues is Linder (Linda Mulvey/Sterling)  who first came to public notice during the 'Punk' era with her designs for Manchester band The Buzzcocks.

This untitled work uses photography from a fashion magazine as its starting point.

The picture can be seen perhaps as a satire on the male/female gaze in art

Another female artist who has worked across with many materials and styles in her career is here  confronting a societal issue her name  is Barbara Kruger (from the USA).

The subject of this famous work is  the distribution of wealth  - I notice the similarity of a nearby work in Tate Modern by the ground breaking  Photo Collage pioneer  (but male) German anti-Nazi artist John Heartfield

Another hand this one from John Heartfield
(Who I mentioned over 4 years ago.) 

Who Owns What? (2012) by Kruger

Soon £62.28 will be just a memory


Lime Grove famous for so much of the BBC output and also  once home to a film studio has a fine number 48 (as did Suzi Quatro).

famous beyond the borough

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