Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Say you Want a Revolution and problem (38)

Just some of the figures

Yesterday met with a friend to tour The V&A  exhibition which is pretty much a marriage of the Sounds of this revolutionary time and colourful  Display cases along with video.

The Revolutionary journey via the 'Underground' 

The show called 'Say You Want a Revolution' really does remind (me) why the period from the mid- sixties to the mid-70s were such a significant decade - it was (after 1966) about various  liberation movements, Working Class, Sexual and Racial.

Beatles-  cultural pioneers

The possibilities were suddenly limitless .

What was on show was tied up with ground breaking activity in London, Paris and the US West Coast  - suddenly the Baby Boomers were in the ascendancy led by talents in Music and the Arts -driven by experimentation and the idea of improving life's experiences  - great to see albums I own all over the place and hearing a smashing soundtrack via the Sennheiser portable headphones - far out man!

Now at £51.09

Hard to find Doors

Door 38 was oddly difficult to locate - it was almost mischievous to the end - Doors that glory in 38s have their numbers hidden by lights and are shy.

Here are a few that managed to dodge me one way or another

Behind the light
It's there somewhere 
The number is there  but
 the bright  light burns it out

It felt like a game of cat and mouse

Got it - A door that seemed strangely absent  but was there all along

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