Wednesday, February 01, 2017

At Tate Modern with CityLit and Feb 1st- First draft (32)

There's a mixture of comfort and irritation around surrounding yourself with similar characters to yourself.

I suppose 3 or 4 years ago when I started such courses as the one that started on Tuesday (Intro to The Tate Modern) I felt like a 'young' rebel and that I now realise is not the case but having said that it's not all bad news and I know we can talk about shared experiences and even 'offers'.

James the course leader started somewhere that is recognisable and iconic (Duchamp) and raises questions about what art is.

Barry Flanagan's  June 2 '69
James Mansfield the Course Leader -
Feels that we''re obliged to start at Fountain

After looking at Flanagan's example of Pauvre Art  we went to see the Hair and bumper work by Indian artist Sheela Gowda - this connects with material and religion/belief. 

We then went and looked at a three dimensional collage work by Kurt Schwitters and introductions from the group followed about what we were hoping to get from the course.

Behold - A work of Art or culture?

After that we looked at some of US artist Louise Nevelson's work ahead of a break and some form filling.

A work made of other 'found' items

Leger - Still life with a beer Mug (1921)

After this we split into 4 groups of 4 to look at work increasingly abstracted.

A figurative work from Max Beckman (1920)

Picasso was playing with perspective (1913)

and Ukrainian artist  Sonia Delauney really was very abstract in 1963 (below).

Triptych (1963)

 After the discussions from what we got on these  we had an introduction to the Video  Art of Korean US artist Nam June Paik - I felt that was about mediation - particularly the egg in this one .

Three Eggs -a new type of Art?

I've got £44.22


The doors are now in another month but here's a draft of a January view on the first 31.
This is Mountfield Road

January -How we could look at it

32 - So the long journey really  begins now

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