Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Early at the Tate Modern (again) (45)

I was due at Tate Modern at 10;30 for part 3 of the CityLit intro course (more on what I saw today soon).

But it's getting to be something of a habit - and certainly during this school half term a sensible one - to get to the Tate Modern early before the crowds.
A detail on the Turbine Hall floor

What I saw when I arrived in the Turbine Hall this morning was particularly intriguing a work by the French-Algerian Philippe Parreno.

Perreno it seems works across a variety of media including film and sculpture.

The work (see below) is called Anywhen the manifesto associated with it seems pretty complex - anyway (and Anywhen) here's a part of it starting up looking a bit like something in a Sci-Fi movie.

No one can pretend they didn't see it coming - £60
(There's a bit more of it here too )


Off in Hanwell amongst streets named for  writers  but the gold 45 today suggests pop stars!

Literally literary greats 

The Gold  45 to the left of the letter box 

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