Thursday, November 20, 2014

Philosophy (Day), Photography and Cooker longevity

I didn't realise that today is designated UNESCO Philosophy day (aren't all days?) until I saw a rather exciting email from 'The Idler' - it's exciting for me that there are people who believe and demonstrate such commitment - great stuff (and as always the ides of looking at The School of Athens is a good one).

Ealing Photographers -

well if you've got a picture of Ealing you'd like to see exhibited give this a try (from OPEN's web site)


OPEN’s Monday digital photography class plans to end its autumn run with an exhibition of participants’ work, at the Green Man Lane Café on the evening of Monday 8 December. To widen its appeal, OPEN is also offering local photographers who aren’t members of the group a chance to have their work displayed. If you have a suitable shot or two and would like to have it/them considered, please email it/them to, preferably by next Monday 24th November. Pictures should be on a local theme, and shot on the Large setting, as those selected will be blown up for display. Please mark the subject box PHOTO

Cooker Longevity

On what might have been the last internal course I attended when working at Discovery we were asked to 'share' various things about ourselves at this time I revealed that I liked planting trees and also that I was inordinately (and perhaps inappropriately) pleased to be able to report that I still had a cooker from more than 25 years ago - well a few months ago one of the hotplates failed.
Another e-bay purchase

Another e-bay purchase then and I should admit that I've been putting of making the replacement.

It was with some trepidation (and a fair amount of de-greasing cream) that yesterday I wrestled with changing the element - happy to report that it does seem to have done the job - hopefully continue for some time too.
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