Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Photography course nearing the end..

Last night at OPEN Ealing again, asked to fill out a form to indicate age, ethnic breakdown apparently connected with Arts Council - think in future I will take the fifth, I don't think the questions are welcome (perhaps it's the phrasing that's used?) in 21st Century London.

The topic we covered mainly was discussion of what we should put on in our exhibition - might be a bit   'academic' (as meaning not really significant) if the exhibition is just 2 hours upstairs at the Singapore Road premises as few viewers -if we can get wider audience with a better venue this might change.

Anyway I'm still facing challenges on what my three (or five) pictures should be - have been told that we should keep same orientation for all of our selection and that they should demonstrate some continuity (and be in same chromatic range i.e. all B/W or all Colour).
The other issue is the dpi (dots per inch - US standard I suppose)  this is related to image resolution and it is suggested (300 dpi) appears to be above that returned by my camera (Canon SX 280HS which seems to give 180 dpi).

There's an explanation here, next week we'll be at the University of West London  Photography dept.- (formerly Ealing College St Mary's Road )  to look at and try the editing and printing of our photo's.

Web stuff runs at 72dpi so hopefully the images I provide for  RBKC market office  as a volunteer photographer will be acceptable for a social media/twitter purpose.

I did get out this afternoon (wet and miserable - the weather too) and tried to get some photo's to catch the iconic Ealing images - the cinematic history (Ealing Studios) was in my mind and as related before some idea of things with a degree of continuity.

I've opted for landscape and black and white to bring home the idea that the picture could be from 70 years ago.

I need to take the picture again with more care and better weather but it's a start.

Continuity and history in a frame -Ealing Studios

We also got some 'homework' about images handed to us (I got two rather intriguing pictures from Steve McCurry  who has done some great shots from Afghanistan and beyond) - need to think about how they address:

Line (that of the eyes of the protagonists for example).
along with how we feel about the picture/s we're analysing.

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