Sunday, November 16, 2014

The Design Museum

Deyan's  book covering items we'd all like
Nearly 30 years ago my Mum and Dad bought me Deyan Sudjic's first book Cult Objects, looking at it again it does show how certain iconic items retain their appeal as status desirable items (like anglepoise lamps).
Nice typeface

Well fast forward to yesterday and I was at the Design Museum where Deyan is now the director, the Museum housed in a former Banana warehouse is due to move into new premises in West London at the end of 2016 this will provide something like three times the current floor space.

 The Design Museum is currently a niché outfit born out of the V&A about 25 years ago as modern functional Design has moved into the mainstream the timing of the expansion and a free entry model seems well timed.

While there's a lot to see at the current premises it does have a bit of a challenge trying to cover such a wide remit in a small space, I must say the current location is a good one bringing in a selection  of visitors both tourists and fans of design.

Interesting too to find that a former star Isabel  Monteiro  (seen here on a mix with Thom Yorke) is now on the staff there as part of the 'Welcome team'.

It was nice to see another -of the many public sculptures by  Eduardo Paolozzi (Head of invention) just outside too.

Head of Invention

The current Design Museum  premises
Design Criteria

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