Saturday, November 29, 2014

Carer'sRights Day Event for H&F CAB and more retail

Yesterday I spent a couple of hours on a CAB stall on behalf of the Hammersmith and Fulham CAB - it really reminded me that there are people who have different worries to those of Mylene Klass (I was a  little surprised to find  that reports say Mylene has a fortune of £11m I don't particularly dislike Mylene but I  think she may have become cocooned away from the lives of many people who had previously thought highly of her.
CAB  had a stall at The Hub in Dawes Road

The event was a Carers Rights Event  aimed at assisting people who are looking after vulnerable people be they those who have diseases of old age or other challenges.

Sad to say that the Tory led  coalition Government   which had indicated that they would be 'fair' about sharing the misery fallout from the economic recession appears to be consistently reneging on this - people who are at the bottom of the heap are having more and tests to perform before receiving a low level  of what are basic state benefits.

I do think we make a mistake when we deny people who have suffered misfortune and bad luck their dignity - hopefully our next (UK) Government will try and help people who need it.

More on retail

Christmas in Northfields

Passing through Northfields (Ealing) Late evening Christmas shopping (Thursday before the lamentable US inspired Black Friday carziness) lots of activity - similarly in Portobello Road Market today.

Many people milling around  but (to me) it seemed that the physical browsers far  out-numbered the shoppers emptying their purses and wallets, some people were buying snacks and enjoying the ambience on a surprisingly warm November - my fear though is that they'll go home and make their gift purchases on Ebay, John Lewis and Amazon- bypassing the people who need to make a living from the stalls.

Shoppers this morning or are they all 'Just Looking'?

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