Friday, November 07, 2014

Capel Manor reunion and Gunnersbury Avenue celebrities

On Thursday I met up with a fellow cohort from my Horticulture course and in a general catchup we strolled down memory lane (or Pope's Lane anyway)  in a physical and a metaphorical manner.
We skirted by the college entrance

 It's something over 5 years since The Capel Manor 'graduation ceremony' and about seven and a half since my initial visit to the Gunnersbury campus to find out about a Horticulture course so much to reflect on.

We'd not seen each other for a long time but it is interesting how easy it was to resume a 'conversation' after such a long break and to recall the ups and downs of studies into horticulture.

It looks like there are big plans afoot for the Park that the college sits in with funding granted but it was sad to see that the trees we had planted in Year 2 of our course had gone.

Gunnersbury Notables

It is not only Sid James that lived in the  Ealing and Acton border area, across the road from Sid's old home is another plaque

Nicholas Parson's who has just published a book about  the long running Radio 4 comedy Quiz show  he hosts 'Just a Minute''  worked as  a  straight man to a comedy partner in the 1960s.
 The  guy he worked with was called  Arthur Haynes - he failed to reach the heights that had been expected for him and died (young) in 1966.

Haynes lived (and died) in Gunnersbury Avenue.

Arthur's Paque

What was Arthur's rather splendid looking House

Also in Gunnersbury Lane away from humour is the North Korean embassy which hit the headlines a couple of years back.

It seems there's still issues around the abuse of diplomatic privileges there too.

Yes, strangely it's an embassy for the North Koreans and it's on The North Circular Road 

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