Thursday, November 06, 2014

W3 Gallery and London Homes

Small but sweet (the gallery)
Yesterday on the way back from a CAB Financial Capability session all about Debt (a big issue for any)in White City Area I stopped off at Acton's W3 Gallery.

I'd seen an item in The Ealing Gazette about the exhibition and was really keen to see the donated Patrick Caulfield print (very good too) -he was  a local lad  who felt had been wrongly stuck in the Pop art gang.

What I will say about the Gallery is that it's rather small - the newspaper pictures did not give this impression, it does though have the advantage of being in a very central location.

There's a theme around change in the borough and some good stuff from an Anglo-Irish perspective in the South Acton Heritage Exhibition that's showing now- if you're interested in local history and in the area do pop in.

London Homes

As a starting off point for a historic photographic project I've been thinking about places I've lived in Ealing (only four) and before I got my own place in Aspen Close I stayed in Princes Road.
The Taxi was owned by the home owner too.

How lucky I was to be able to enjoy staying with two other guys,  after the flat in Hessel Road one of the party bought a house about half a mile away and we behaved there nearly as badly as before.

Now it's not easy to buy your own home at this time it was a possibility.

Housing was a big issue identified in the last London Mayoral election but perhaps beyond the scope of the job- I reckon it needs to be addressed by other  means than just 'densification' and needs to be raised up the agenda.

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