Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Another Ealing home, CVD screening along with More Philosophy - What's right and wrong?

The first house that I bought (with Halifax building society help) was 62 Aspen Close - this too might be part of the Photographic project around Ealing life.

A 2 bedroomed palace in Ealing 1983

Here's a picture of it from 1983 - it looks like a 70's picture but this is perhaps as a result of the analogue picture and design style of the house.

I've visited it on odd times when I've been to Gunnersbury Park and plan to take another photo or two  of the house tomorrow

 CVD screening

I'm not a regular visitor to the Doctor's surgery (thankfully) but I was recently advised that a CVD screening was available for me.

Yesterday I went to the first part of the procedure which involved having blood samples taken from me  as part of the LIPID testing.
Almost an arm-full

CVD screening is designed to help early detection of those who may be susceptible to heart problems related to high cholesterol, although we track our blood pressure cholesterol is not something we routinely check.
The CVD testing requires fasting for 8 hours and I realise now a little how difficult it must be to observe Ramadan and am reminded how queasy  I am around health matters - results to follow.

What's right and wrong?

I'm not too sure if Scott our City Lit Key Themes, Philosophy course leader was going easy with us this week but it felt at times like we were dangerously close to reaching clarity on the Topic of Right and Wrong.
We used to be comfortable with animals in a circus

What we found our way towards was the conclusion (if that's not overstating it) that as when we can detect a wrong note in a piece of music we require a shared comprehension for what is correct.

This it was felt points towards a shared (broadly speaking) idea of morality in whiuch we know what is right and wrong and share the idea of the 'right thing'.

We might have concerns over moral relativism and the idea that what was right is now wrong for example the commonly held belief  that it was fine to have a system that permitted slavery.

Also of interest and relevancy was the Socratic rule of nobody choosing to take a bad action.
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