Sunday, November 30, 2014

On the street where I live and a nearby eatery (Be warned)

A couple of years ago the house next door to us and the one beyond that both went up for sale, the result was new neighbours -one of the families that moved nearby in then relocated quite soon as a result of school catchment areas in Ealing (I think).

When they moved out the house unsurprisingly went up for rent and we saw little if anything  of the people who were tenants, a few moths ago there was a number of police offices attending for a few days - we thought little of it.
down local road towards the 'drug's den'

Quite a number of years ago via a couple of things  I became aware of some the issues around growing cannabis in the UK  it doesn't seem to be that difficult and I suppose that the main issue  with someone who grew it in a residential house would be around doing it for commercial purposes and the increasing chance of it being detected.

Well it seems that the house had been used as drugs and some how been discovered - wow on (almost) our doorstep.

And a Local restaurant

Last night we went for a meal at what had been our local Chinese restaurant, for the last 2 years it has been under new ownership and following the very disappointing service there  we won't be going back again.

I don't know if the problem is the new craze for 'Just Eat' and an over emphasis on serving the take away business but with just four people split across two tables one might expect good to fantastic focus on the in-house customers, well not a bit of it - prawn crackers didn't come and our server avoided contact while we waited for about an hour to get served.
Residents are objecting 

One of the delivery guys did try to help but this was not totally successful - the only similar occasion we had such terrible service was at The Eatalian which closed about the following day (the site is now a battle over being a Local Tesco or not) - I won't say don't go as I wish them no ill but be aware you might need to keep an eye open if you go there
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