Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Fun Night-time photography with OPEN Ealing

A view like this can have a long exposure as there's little movement.
Yesterday evening and another session at the OPEN Digital Photography class - using the axiom
A tripod at £5.99
about learning by doing and taking advantage of our proximity to the bustling Uxbridge Road we went out  with our cameras to engage with the topic of 'low light/night time Photography'.

As well as needing a camera (of course) a tripod is almost essential - I'd bought mine a couple of weeks back at Seba Digital   (strangely also in Uxbridge Road) at  only £5.99 a bargain, perhaps a trifle light but this has advantages too.
A blurred bus was a popular subject for photo's

If you want to catch action at low light you will need to use settings of a high ISO number (1600 perhaps) but this has a cost in detail and noise as the sensor will be pushed hard.

Alternatively you might wish to use longer exposures and accept blur or shoot subjects where movement is less of an issue.
A trick with a torch

It was fun to get out and take pictures and indeed it's a great way to get more familiar with your camera - the one thing I forgot to go equipped with was a torch- if I'm out again I will try and remember.

I had previously tried to take a self portrait and was unhappy with the result - last night I did get another picture of 'me' which I'm still unhappy but slightly less so - I suppose I don't look like I think I do and am unable to catch myself engaged in something as I'd wish.

Me at night by me

When taking pictures  now I am more using my somewhat limited technique more and hopefully picking up tips - I am also trying to think ahead and do at least some pre planning.

With respect to the intended project/exhibition I have been planning this and as a start have revisited three places I've lived in Ealing to see how they now look after more than 25 years,
Nice pictures in this book

I have also bought a book called  'Ealing and Hanwell Past' by Peter Hounsell of the Ealing Branch of the Historical Association it has some pictures that I may use as a basis for revisiting certain views.

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