Friday, November 14, 2014

Dumping and (my) Ealing through the years (Now and Then)

I was a bit saddened to see a couple of mattresses dumped in a road (Ascott Avenue) not too far from where I lived - I guess removal of stuff isn't always easy and it might seem a good solution just to put things the dustbin men won't take on the public highway where ultimately the council will arrange for collection.
What a waste (in Ealing)

I suppose what is needed is a better means of handling waste - I know when we got our replacement mattress and fridge about a year ago the companies who supplied the new items were able to take the old ones away - this isn't always easy if your getting things from friends and relatives - anyway my sympathies for those  who had to step around them until they were removed.

If you need it here's a link to Ealing Council web site for the removal of waste.

Old Peoples homes

Well here are 3 pictures (composites 'Now and Then') of places I've lived in in Ealing - and you can see that although all is change some things remain much the same over (around) 30 years,

It's a theme I'm interested in, not exciting photo's and more about continuity than anything else (and the change in photographic technology).

Hessel Road - first port of call in the Borough.

Then on to Princes Road and an outside W.C. for a while
Aspen Close and my own place with two (indoor) W.C.s

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