Saturday, November 15, 2014

Art in Ealing - Crossing the field and Bruce McLean at For Arts Sake

A work by Eric Monbel
Generally the walk across Ealing Green to Pitzhanger Gallery is a worthwhile one and in sync with the 100 years anniversary of the start of World War I is an exhibition that brings together the War and the apocryphal Christmas day football matches across the two  sides.

There's a very nice little film about a work commissioned in Ypres from 2003 by Mark Anstee and as well as some other works about war there's some lighter stuff about football from people like Marc Palmer.

Encounter Film from Mark Anstee on Vimeo.

For Arts Sake

For Arts Sake is a great little shop/gallery with a nice selection of affordable paintings and prints.

It's really good they way they feature contemporary artists for month or so coming to an end is the bright and mischievous works of Bruce McLean.
A great little place

McLean a one time student of Anthony Caro has worked across a range of artistic disciplines including performance and sculpture,  the prints in the gallery are (apparently) parodies of expressionist works - check him out if you can
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