Tuesday, November 18, 2014

More London Art

Walking down from Blackfriars Bridge towards the Tate Modern I stopped off at  Bankside Gallery - my first time inside there.
Some nice non-controversial subject matter amongst the work displayed (positively radical by North Korean standards though) - much of the work in the current exhibition is affordable and would grace many contemporary homes.
Compact and approachable

I was drawn to the work of Brian Cook when I flicked through the book Brian Cook's landscapes of Britain - you'll see the resonance with much of the nostalgic renditions of the countryside seen in current 'advertising  art' if you take a look, in fact Cook's illustrations were used to adorn many book covers.

Interestingly Cook  went on to become Conservative MP for Ealing South  between 1958 and 1974 before retiring with his artist wife to Rye in Sussex- he died in 1991.

After Bankside it was on to Tate Modern and after a pause to see the mime and music artists a pleasant trip around the rooms that were far less crowded  than for my previous recent visits and I am  happy to report that there are some changes of display too.

How is it adding up so far?

I still think it's a good trick

I liked the thought and intent behind the work by Russian artists/architects Brodsky and Utkin at Level 2 - Poetry and Dream and I also enjoyed the themes and realisation,s particularly the robot  on display by the  South Korean artist Nam Jane Paik  who died in 2006.

Great to find a slightly disturbing photographer in the shape of the eccentrically named Lisette Model too.

Further up we had some really nice pieces given enough space to move around them including this Japanese work -on first impression I thought there was something North American Native about it (I was wrong it is a Japanese artist Susumu Koshimizu ).

|From Surface to Surface (1971) by Susumu Koshimizu 

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