Tuesday, July 04, 2017

Comedy of errors

Are we living through one?
When I walked past the Plough Inn, a rather nice Pub in Northfields are of Ealing  the other day I saw this sign and thought how apposite for our times - it really does feel like the UK politics are a 'Comedy of Errors' where many politicians are paying 'lip service' to something they don't believe in on so many levels.

So what is the game?

1) Labour are a broad church with many talking about wrestling the party back form the 'hard left'  entry-ist Momentum (some would say a party within a party).

2) Conservatives are a less 'broad church' but they are split (seriously) over Europe and the price that some are willing for the UK population to pay for the possibility of control over the UK's boundaries - the fact that this is unlikely to address the non-EU immigration is often (it seems to me)conveniently overlooked.

People who live in London see a far different economy from those in, for example  Lincoln and Spalding  - they seem unaware that the only way for the UK to be self sustaining in terms of Agricultural jobs is if UK workers are willing to do these jobs.

So what have we done - we've decided that people like Iain Duincan-Smith and John Redwood are right that it's possible and credible to divorce ourselves from the most suitable trading block and to (perhaps) become a low tax economy.

For me the problem is that politicians from both the right and the left  (and some from the centre) are divorced from people's lives they see the electorate as a means to achieve their own ends rather than the opposite (that is for the politicians to enable the populace to achieve their goals) - I'm not sure how the tables can be turned and the tail no longer wags the dog - but I'd like to see it happen.

The pot builds

and it grows

£295 seems a lot

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