Sunday, July 02, 2017

Old style fete

When I first lived around the Stephen's Area in West Ealing there was a large unused Church and what looked like a church hall used as a place of worship.
A sunny Fete

Well it seems St Stephen's as an entity is celebrating being a Parish church of 150 years (and the od church is now luxury flats).

The Church seems to have a regular and committed congregation doing things in the neighbourhood - today they had a fete and it wasn't about making money but about families enjoying some time in the (hot) sun.

 As well as the chance for kids to play on bouncy castles and the like there was a really good history of what had changed and happened in 150 years in the world, the UK, London and Ealing - pretty amazing.

A full 150 years History and a great project showing St Stephen's through the years 

Now reporting

where we are for the new camera..

Here we have £288

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