Thursday, July 27, 2017

South of the River

So after some time thinking about it finally made to the Dulwich Gallery today - and certainly worth the 'Schlep',  Dulwich and its surrounding area seems really nice, lots of Green spaces.

Principal reason though was to meet up with a fellow art appreciator and conversationalist in a  pleasant  arena and the criteria was well met .

Dulwich gallery is one of the oldest public galleries - it's history predates that of The National Gallery, it opened to the public in 1817  and until 1994 was under the control of the famous Dulwich College.
The building was paired down to limit the expense but Soane's style remains recognisable 

The architect for the Gallery was Sir John Soane (he of Soane House)  and it really does work well even now - nice too that the works are not obtrusively protected or behind glass.

Uses natural overhead light 

The framing of Nicolas Poussin (a Fragment) 

I was much taken by the room given over to works by Nicolas Poussin - an artist I've not really appreciated, the fragment above (part of a larger work) makes for a contemporary view- John who was with likened it to a 'Close-Up'.

Nice to see lots of work by Cuyp too - although some was more appealing to me than others.

Cuyp's River Landscape 

I like seeing work by British artists like Gainsborough (one very reminiscent of Mr and Mrs Andrews)  and plenty of continental artists, including (of course) Canaletto.

A view of Walton Bridge by Canaletto 

Where I am

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