Wednesday, July 26, 2017


Not just Chicken Feed


So Michael Gove seems to be making himself available for media spots on both Food issues, we do have the impression that we're more humane with our livestock but is it just an impression? (what's the problem with the way the Americans clean their chickens -is it an example of EU protectionism?)

Complete with Batteries?


The other thing he's happy to get coverage on is the phasing out of dirty cars - both Diesel and Petrol (by 2040) - wonder how this will play out, I'm not sure if the batteries are as 'green' as some would have us believe.

Not so sure the Right Honourable is  back in the heart of Westminster Government because of the lobbying by Rupert Murdoch (of  Media fame) but it makes a good story.


A shop that's lost its way?
So I used to be an enormous fan of the Japanese based retail clothes chain UniQlo - not sure what the year was I first went there but it was in Richmond (where they no longer are), since then have been to the shops in Oxford Street and Kingston but steadily they have become less fun, more expensive and now to irritate me even more they appear to do their trousers (for men anyway) in almost exclusively 34" legs - last pair of jeans I got were 30" and they were fine for me.

So what's this about -do they expect us to alter them - well what I did today was went along to Debenhams and bought a pair of jeans there (Jasper Conran) and they fit just fine - hope that  the range changes and that issues around bad Labour practices are resolved too.


 and on it goes..

from the front line £345

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