Tuesday, July 25, 2017

What's 'Dirty' about it ?

Remember when cafés and restaurant had nice names? - These people presumably don't.

Well it's local, been open some time and we've now visited it  - food was not too bad I had a quarter of Chicken off the 'Spit' and it was tasty and not dry - Debbie had a burger which seemed okay but it came in a Brioche bun (which wouldn't be my first choice), service was good and I like the 'dinky' carafe that wine came in and the Beer (although just a standard Heineken) was cold and  tasted lovely.

Fries and coleslaw were quite okay.

Service was quick and pretty good too but preference would not to have a 12% addition on the bill for this - does the gratuity still reach the staff or is it part of their pay?

Does the name say the right thing?

I was intrigued to find why 'Dirty' burgers are becoming so prevalent - seems in general they're a description (or were) of the burgers you had after too many drinks - dodgy vans but they used to hit the spot [Although seems a somewhat different meaning in south Wales].

I'm not convinced that the market is big enough for so many places and when this is all they offer it's moving towards a commodity where price is too significant -  might go back but not for a while.

Still moving forward

£342 doesn't sound too shabby

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