Sunday, July 16, 2017

More on Tallinn

So I said there'd be more about our long w/e in Tallinn.

First thing is to say it was far warmer than I anticipated, it's some way north of London but at this time of year the weather is good and the days are long.
The tours help you get the geography of the city

Pedal taxis are available for hire too

You can skateboard too

Or take the Segway 

We got a Tallinn card you can buy for different durations and the version we got covered us for the City Bus tour which runs every 20 minutes and has multiple routes (with audio soundtracks in several languages) - pedal taxis are also popular but did witness some price haggling going on, so make sure you agree price before you travel.

Each of the evening meals we had was fun - the first in the centre of activity in the old Town Square - was standard European Fayre (Italian style about 50 EU including wine) - First we shared bruschetta then  I had lamb cutlets and Debbie had Risotto  - not bad.

Inside known as LA Grande Bellezza
Outside called the Wine Library 

The next evening we had a meal at Goodwin's (which is a food chain)  - odd story as it is linked with the easy listening musician Ron Goodwin.

Basically a steak house - not veggie friendly but fantastic Burger (which we both had) and I had the New York Cheesecake too, we were drinking Ciders and again price was about 50 Euros.

Goodwin's - Popular place for Photo - shot

Look at the ceiling!

On our final evening we went Thai  and this was a lovely quirky place called Thai Boh (Chairman Mao was one figure on the ceiling) - good food and great service.

You probably won't be surprised to know that our meals with a shared starter and some Thai beers was about 50 Euros.

Thai Boh - outside feels like the East

Odd artwork

Around the city there are lots of nice places to take a drink and a snack for lunch too.

And here we are

£320 is the total today

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