Sunday, July 30, 2017

What we do with and what it is - money

Anyone for a Pun?
More Floyd yesterday as I went to visit local exhibition and sale of prints of the late Storm Thorgerson  (chief visualizer for the Floyd LPs and many other artistes)  - I really fancy seeing the documentary about him too (Taken by Storm - what else?) - today last day of this exhibition as well as the BEAT Pop-Up which Ealing Broadway Centre gifted me/us for a couple of weeks.

I still like 'For Arts Sake' in  Bond Street, Ealing 

In fact my last shift  (more about the Pop Up soon) was yesterday and the experience and talking with others reminded me how many of us 'generationally'  have a different view of money - part of this (of course)  is the actual idea of it as a physical thing  - my first week's pay back in 1973 was about 18 pounds and the factory wages person was careful to give it to me  in one  pound  notes.

Anytime I see something for cash or get payment for something it reminds me of 'money' - even with pocket money and birthday postal orders there was something tactile.

More than 100 people through the door yesterday 

Now people largely just transfer digits (or borrow them)  - some purchasers in the shop even felt inconvenienced to provide sub 10 pounds in cash.

So my collection of money to buy a new camera - by 'saving' resonates with other valued purchases

And more

thinking about cash money

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