Monday, July 31, 2017

Clearing up and Reaching the target

So after just over 2 weeks our (by that I mean me and BEAT's) stay at The Ealing Broadway Centre is over.

When you see it empty you realise what a great (and big) space it is.

Loads of people came and saw us (more than a hundred some days) and found out about what we were doing, asked how they could be part of it and also enquired about courses and activities in the area - like so many things it came to an end.
Exhibitors collect their work and make good.

It has again shown how people do value art at many levels including the 'grass roots'.

Peter packs Up

Plenty of us sold bits and pieces and got to know about other people doing creative things - really appreciate the positive response I got from my initial enquiry and the  opportunity that we were given by the people at the centre (part of British Land would you believe).


And an end to the saving

Well a few quid added from prints I've sole brings the total up to close enough for the next camera.

I'm calling it a day at £409 90 

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