Monday, July 03, 2017

More on pensions -

A figure to light.
Today I had a second PensionWise session - this one just near Paddington station hosted  by CAB.

I was pleased that the information from my earlier meeting was on file so it was only necessary to review what I'd shared previously.

My main concern had been how I could combine funds to by an annuity and this seems relatively straightforward and something I plan to do at 61.

Having said that although I now have found some support - the pension area is complex and there are pretty much no guarantees - annuity rates are creeping up but are low - if inflation takes off some folks are going to suffer.

[I also found today, again that it's worth contacting providers and contractors - having called my car insurers a reduction was offered (we got one too for our building insurance) - also we've been told that Anglian windows will look at the work they've already done later in the week.]

If I came into money I'd like one of these - spread from basement to loft - with character


Now at £290 

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