Monday, July 24, 2017

The Floyd

I do remember Pink Floyd as a youngish child with their two 'Seminal' as they say singles Arnold Layne and See Emily Play  (which I later got on their Relics LP along with other early chapter works).

Do Pink Floyd Belong at the V&A?

I also became they were groovy through my Cousin Tom (he of And The Native Hipsters) and saw them perform at the time of Animals and the Wall - so I was drawn to the Mega Exhibition 'Their Mortal Remains'  at the V&A.

[I also recall a guy at University in Wales on the same course as me, 'Dave' from Cornwall who used to listen to 'Dark Side of The Moon everyday.]

part of the early years - look at those shirts

Well it is as they say a 'Curate's Egg' and reminded me that although for the V&A these music  and Artefact shows are money spinners (as was the Stones thing at the Saatchi) a similar phenomenon to the one observed by Frank Zappa  (Writing about music is like dancing about architecture)  - comes into play on Museums trying to recreate recent times it's like, to  'Displaying a smell'.

Some good things though (much which would work better as part of a TV documentary ) and I am someone who knows their stuff reasonably well.

Some children (as School holidays have now begun) looking seriously bored/puzzled and some oddly in pushchairs .
Part of the story of  'The Wall'

Reminded what a great Drummer Nick Mason was & is

Highlight was at the end  with great sound and good videos - strangely Comfortably Numb at Live8  brought me to close to tears as last time the four guys played together - would like to have seen a film of them when Syd was in the group along with David Gilmour but perhaps there is none?

Odd as I sat amongst other people listening to the group I was surprised that I was tapping my toes far more than they -  [I like this too]
And then there were five

Another Tenner

Another version of £10s = £340

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