Saturday, July 15, 2017

Stuff and nonsense

Tallinn old Town -Unesco Heritage 
As Europe is still so much in our minds and now there does seem to be some recognition that what Boris, Iain Duncan-Smith, Michael, Andrea and others promised us is such a long way from reality (even for politicians) that many were fooled (remember that bus?) I thought I'd frame my Tallinn Estonia visit around a positive EU.

First thing to say is that Estonia has a long history as a country popular with invaders, it though has a proud history as a sovereign country - small (less than 1.5 m) but with a language and a vision (Growth of late is largely based on IT, companies creative use of high technologies  like Skype are there 'calling cards, quite literally).

The old Prison is now the Photography Museum

Tallinn  though does not neglect it's history and it's old town is a  UNESCO heritage site full of historic buildings and museums (I liked the Photography museum in the old town jail!)

If you look into the population many of those who consider themselves Estonian are from other nations (Russia for example) .

Things like this make me sad to think the UK has because of some ignorant and ambitious Conservatives turned its back on the European project - I hope Tony Blair's intervention proves worthwhile - even the slower lane of the EU is better than Theresa May's Brexit means Brexit nonsense.
Lots of visitors - some are on 'Hen' or 'Stag' weekends others visiting Churches

There are many old churches to visit - more about eating in Tallinn in the nest day or two.

Been missing a few

My eye left the ball - but it's back

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