Wednesday, August 02, 2017

Cabinet Tensions and Theresa's hold on Power

As much as I could be a fan of any the current UK government  cabinet lineup it's have to be Philip Hammond who has not only put his head above the parapet but has to my mind been talking something which comes dangerously close to sense in the Tory party of today.

Well guess who has shot him and his idea of avoiding a 'cliff edge' down the PM - why has she done this?
A superhero -  It's not  'Spreadsheet Phil'

One theory would be that she's relying on the 'Hard Brexiters ' to keep the severely beleaguered PM in her post and avoid another election which the Tories may lose - trouble is what we're seeing is the weakness of the UK position being revealed to those who we are now negotiating with.

I'm not sure how well founded Vince Cable's talk of a Boris threat to leave the cabinet was - it would certainly have ramifications - I must say the idea of the seriously wealthy Rees Mogg in a position within the government does not inspire me

Now would perhaps be a good time for Labour to start pushing hard for an exit from the EU which is 'softer' and does not throw the economic bath water out with the immigration baby - it could actually affect the Government position as many Tories are uncomfortable with the rhetoric from the right of their party.

Sort of over

The saving is pretty much over and money in the bank..

It's metamorphosis to a camera has started 

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