Saturday, April 11, 2015

RSA, NPG and London Town

In town on Thursday to take a look around the historic and well-meaning RSA, I was given a short tour and liked what I found.

The RSA was formed as an 'Enlightenment Age'  institution in 1754 and if you look at the past membership you could be astounded - from present day figures of science  that include Tim Berners-Lee and Stephen Hawking  back to world changing giants with examples being  Karl Marx and Charles Dickens - amazing.

The RSA an Enlightenment institution that continues to strive to remain relevant 

The National Portrait Gallery

As well as being a networking organisation focusing on Social Good it has rooms for hire and can be used as a touch down spot when you're in town.

The National Portrait Gallery - Every Picture really does tell a story

After the tour I popped into the NPG plenty of visitors in the National Gallery but the NPG less crowded - always something to draw one in as a Portrait intrigues and suggests a life- on this occasion I resolved to find out about:

Thomas Secker (1693-1768) an archbishop of Canterbury  who had been a key figure in the Church of England becoming comfortable (with the then new) idea of Methodism


Ayuba Suleiman Diallo (also know as Job ben Solomon (1701-1773) who was captured by slavers but later found to be of a Muslim family of Clerics, he was eventually granted his freedom and returned to Senegal

As before good weather meant lots to see on the streets and spotted a blue Plaque to Al Bowlly (another story there too)
Al Bowly was here

An artist draws in crowds
A dancing Skeleton

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