Sunday, April 19, 2015

Kew Gardens in April

After visiting Richmond on Friday morning I took a diversion on the way home and went back via Kew Gardens.

Kew has an amazing history- partially tied up with being the retreat George III and his wife Charlotte - at this time Kew was considered pretty rural.

It is also very much on the tourist map and features like 'The Japanese Garden' attract international visitors and their commentaries too,

The second Kew Palace

A view of the Japanese Garden

A calm place amidst the hurly-burly.

Another feature of the gardens are the structures which provide a time-line dating back to Victorian glory days there are modern Glass houses too.

A modern Glass House

Not dropped in from outer space

Generally I'm not too envious of other homes (or other items - if you aspire too much take a look at this Video from 'School of Life') but wouldn't mind living in the one below - convenient and with a balcony - quite something.

It looks like a great place to live and on Kew Garden's doorstep.

The other day I highlighted a figure who reminded me of my Dad, during this visit I saw a figure that made me think of my Mum.
A reminder of Mum.

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