Friday, April 17, 2015

Labour Support Grows? Planting time and the Blog's Mobile friendly

On a bus ride from Ealing to Richmond today I had the impression that there were more Labour supporting householders than Tories.

Impression I'm getting is that Tory control is not what it should be and that perhaps the Australian experience (as personified by Lynton Crosby who is said to be on a half million pound retainer)  is not totally  relevant to the strange multi party world that is developing across the UK.

A proud Labour supporter

The maverick Tory Zac could almost be a green

My findings are admittedly  pretty unscientific and posters don't necessarily correlate with getting the vote out (the 'holy grail' of political constituency party managers)  but encouraging that there are people who consider that there is alternative to what we've had over the last 5 years.

I did see that the Tory Zac Goldsmith  had some support at the Richmond end of my journey but he is far from the identikit Conservative that dedicates itself to advancement up the greasy pole.

Planting time

Plenty of seeds to plant and seedlings too, yesterday I transplanted some feeble looking Broccoli, have also put some Cauliflower, Lettuce and Beetroot seeds outside  in trays too.

Broccoli makes a great snack for Pigeons 

Seed trays used to start ahead off transplanting

Another batch of Broad Beans

Mobile ready

Nice to learn that My blog is Mobile friendly - Google makes the checking nice and easy.
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