Thursday, April 23, 2015

Life on London's Southbank

London is a culturally diverse  (perhaps the world's most diverse) and it is also a Tourist hotspot destination - just take a walk along the Southbank and you'll feel you're on holiday if you're a resident or merely visiting.

Here are some recent pictures from the beating heart of the capital.

A modern view across the city
A camouflaged ship 'dazzles

It's not often that you see Tower Bridge being raised (Okay it's an inflatable one) 
An impressive juggler

There are plenty of Shaun the Sheeps around (hopefully) generating cash for Children's' charities.

Who you lookin' at? A Shaun the sheep

More music 

While my guitar gently weeps
(actually not mine or me )

I Lie Around  (actually it's not me but the titles of a Wings B side)

Another charity raising Shaun

The latest Routemaster - another design classic perhaps?
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