Sunday, April 26, 2015

Reducing landfill and avoiding Wheelie bins as well as an unrelated James Bolam is spotted on the Tube

I suppose regardless of which particular political party you support the reduction in refuse going for landfill is something to celebrate.
Takes at last 2 weeks to fill

In Ealing the rubbish collection is currently weekly and recycling is at the same frequency - most weeks we put out a green box for recycling (Glass, Papers, Cardboard and foil/metal) and a plastic recycling about every 4 weeks.

As a keen compost-er with an allotment I don't need to worry about garden or much kitchen waste but recognise that people in flats have different problems.

For our particular circumstances I'm delighted that we're in a position to put out a 'black bag' less than once every 2 weeks- as well as meaning less rubbish it means I don't have to get up before 7;30 every week to put out a bin bag that should I put it out the night before would mean foxes attacking it.

Well Ealing's Labour council has been agonising over ways top save money and has come to the conclusion that a revised rubbish collection  scheme can help.

I'm comfortable with collection becoming something that happens every 2 weeks but I do not want the monstrous 'wheelie' bins that it seems are to be foisted on us, I don't see how this will save money or is environmentally friendly, they're ugly and encourage greater waste disposal.
A 'likely lad' alights  at Chiswick  Park station

I intend to contact councillors to voice my objections both on aesthetics and practical grounds and in the meantime will add my name to this petition.

I'd ideally like to see wheelie bins only used in commercial situations and do not think they are something that should spoil residential areas.

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