Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Canarian holiday (Part 4 -last thoughts)

Well as is so often the case our Canarian holiday seems longer ago than it actually was but still some pictures and notes to capture our time away.

I enjoyed seeing the different street items - sculptures, performances (many musicians around Corralejo)

A modern reflection of Corallejo
A more traditional figurative piece

A coastal Troubadour rocks out on the seafront 
We had a meal there - not the best though

Perhaps this would have been better?

Tuesday and Friday morning there's something of a tourist market - plenty of leather goods and general stuff for the tourist with a smattering of African influences.
A market mainly aimed at the tourists twice a week
While we were in Corralejo we saw an evening/night run - makes sense as it was far too hot to do during the day (I would say)
The night run through Carralejo 

As well as visiting some of the restaurants and bars we took a 'train' ride through the resort and I was also 'framed'.
I think I was framed

A short 'train' trip can orientate you to the resort
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