Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Old papers and a couple of fine BBC programmes

As I get older my personal filing system gets increasingly weighted to pension statements and the ancillary reports that come with them - when I worked in TV News I was around at the time that a paperless revolution seemed to be on the horizon, certainly it hadn't arrived when I moved on and I think the same is true of our personal 'business' materials - paperless it isn't.
A step on my academic ladder
A sample of what I collected

Well trying to find some documents I came a cross this advert for my first postgraduate degree which I started (by Distance Learning) when I was living and working in Hong Kong.

What it brought to mind was how difficult I find it not to take courses - next week I'm back at the coal face of Philosophy and will be starting a picture framing at RACC course too - this morning I see that Nick Pearson will be running a course on 20th Century design at OPEN Ealing in May and I'm definitely up for that one too as well as Nick being a great communicator I can see that it will help inform the volunteering I do at The Design Museum.

  TV and Radio

Caught on BBC iPlayer a very considered and worthwhile Panorama about the Suicide of presenter Simon Jack's father  - Male suicide rate remains alarmingly high and the analysis from the programme was that men internalise and fail to communicate - I guess it's a responsibility on all of us to try and correct this and help those around us.

Another great example of the BBC's eclectic range was a programme (another one) about Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah - not the best show about Laughing Len but worth a listen.

we need more balloons 

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