Sunday, April 12, 2015

Even more seeds - Election 2015 volunteering

Even more seeds

Down on 202 a couple of times this week - soft fruit suddenly coming into leaf and weeds doing well too.
Soft fruit spurt

As the growing season starts -the upstairs of 'Highview Towers' begins to resemble a Kew Gardens   germination pod - on the boil now are Sweet Corn and Peppers -more to follow soon I'm sure

Let's get propogating
Even more seeds are started

Election  2015 volunteering 

This week the UK election campaign has undoubtedly been about the Tories looking increasingly ruffled (to my mind) with personal attacks on Labour's Leader - that perhaps failed to accomplish what was desired.

A  birdbrain considers volunteering opportunities (perhaps)

While it might be that the attack can be assigned to one minister in the cabinet it is I understand unlikely that the tone and substance will not have been vetted at the highest level of the Conservative election machine.

For me though the biggest gaff appears to be the Tory 'promise' to  provide time away from the work place for volunteer duties for 'large employers.

I do believe in supporting volunteer organisations but I also recognise that it's nice to have a day or two avoiding work on full pay looking vaguely philanthropic at my employers expense (having done so myself) but I also know that volunteer supported organisations generally want committed and reliable volunteers who will be there more than just 3 days per year.

Blue sky thinking

I am not clear if the primary purpose was to make Eric Pickles  (and Grant Shapps of course)  look even more lost than they would otherwise as they try  and explain the benefits to the health service.

How will volunteer organisations cope with the change, how will the benefits be measured -this does look like a half (at best)baked idea that hasn't been really worked through.

By my reckoning the cost should the ill formed idea come to fruition would be something like a 1.5% hike to the wages bill for qualifying employers - perhaps the age of austerity is over?

The Conservatives are not of course the only party making crazy promises The Pub Landlord is nearly as bad.
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