Thursday, April 09, 2015

Back from holiday and the return to plot 202

Rhubarb showed growth.
There was some relief that back in UK despite an e-mail warning of a 'break-in' and high winds all was well on Plot 202.

In fact some quite amazing growth was shown by rhubarb which required me to cut out the flowers which had sprouted (they sap growth from the 'fruit').
Fruit tree blossom

As well as the weeds growing there was evidence of blossom on my various fruit trees - having started peas and other seeds in plant pots in the garden I transferred 'Broad beans' to grow in the plot.

Broad Beans planted out

New planting in and out of the plot

This week I have started 3 types of tomatoes at home (indoors) in propagators) - I am using Coir which I learnt when I studied Horticulture is more environmentally friendly than 'Peat' compost and can be transported dry to reduce transport costs and impact.

I have also planted outside a mixture of other Tomatoes and Chilli
A greener alternative to Peat

A collection sown in  a pot outside

Propagating away 

Spring sun on plot 202

Like Dad

It's odd how memories are triggered, I saw this guy the other day - walking enthusiastically with the use of a walking stick - reminded me greatly of my late father  who was both a great walker and user of a walking stick

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