Monday, April 20, 2015

Framing course starts and a nice exhibition of Paul Catherall Linocuts

Despite a painful journey into Richmond via 65 Bus I got to the RACC just about in time for the first part of Picture Framing Beginners course.

The RACC is just a short walk from Richmond's Station just by the famous Orange Tree Theatre.

The RACC is round the corner
Like so many good courses this one is lead by a practitioner in this case Sue Harper, who is also happy to steer the course towards the particular requirements of those taking part.

Having (of course) learnt that there's considerably more to framing than first meets the eye I was very keen to see some examples of what I'd been introduced to.
For Arts Sake Ealing

Ealing has a really nice 'Gallery' called For Arts Sake and at the moment they're showing Linocuts by Paul Catherall .

Reading the interview with Catherall it seems he's far more modest than he should be - there's a nostalgia to the style of the works which are clean and incisive - and to my mind not that expensive.

It is obvious that Catherall really likes the monuments and landmarks of London - here we can see St.Paul's, BT Tower  and Tate modern with various hues.

I liked seeing Trellick Tower which I've encountered and learned a little of before.
Trellick Tower in Yellow

A BT Tower detail

Looking at the Lincocut prints it did become apparent that the style here was not to use Aperture and Undermounts, also the frames were white and designed not to distract from the work.

Seeing such no nosense frames reminded me of when as part of a group I visited an exhibition of works by Julian Schnabel  -were the main thing we discussed was the frames.

And of course the exhibition changes my perspective - I cam imagine that this picture below could be used as the basis for a great Lino-cut.

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