Monday, April 27, 2015

More picture framing in Richmond

Another session at the RACC today and as I managed to allow myself plenty of time for my journey this week I was able to enjoy a promenade across Richmond Green now used for 'Village Cricket' but at one time used for jousting.

Richmond is a lovely spot which has managed to retain character and has great amenities including 2 cinemas and 2 theatres

A spring view of Richmond's Green heart
A lovely spot to live

The range of courses at the RACC seems pretty impressive too and the fayre at the cafe there is very reasonably priced.

Looks like it was once a school

A nice name for the block

As well as advancing on the matting that we started last week we had a go at cutting the mouldings that will make up our first frame.

The cutting of the moulding requires a fair amount of precision and certainly patience and an accurate measurement technique are needed.

Our teacher is able to demonstrate and explain what is required, soon we'll be adding glass and we're also going to look at the idea (and practice) of using  (or re-using) existing frames (these can be either bought new or second hand), this I find promising, while I can see I might get a Mat cutter (The Logan 350-1 is a likely  candidate) I'm not sure about getting a mitre cutter  like the one we used today - it seems that should you want to make frames it is worth considering getting the mouldings ready cut - a little more expensive but means stock-holding is not needed and that a good quality can be assured.

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