Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Canarian holiday (Part 3 -Playa Blanca)

On the penultimate day of our holiday we took a trip to Lanzarote, another of the Canary Islands and very close to our resort of Corralejo - I had been keen to do this but first attempt we'd found that the Fred Olsen ferry was costly (€51 for a ferry that took about 45 minutes) and also that we needed our passports which we did not have with us so instead we booked for a later day(less than half the price) with an Armas Ferry.
The Armas Ferry at Corralejo

At the business end of the ferry

The journey was incredibly smooth and the boat not crowded although there was a little of a chill factor from the sea.

Once we landed we took a walk towards the residential area, seemed more Germans than in Fuerteventura but plenty of Brits too - there was even a chip shop frequented by Chris Gascoyne (The actor who plays Peter Barlow in Coronation Street) - for the more sporty we saw people learning some rudimentary board skills.

The actual Chip shop used by  Corrie's 'Peter Barlow'
Stand Up - Board training

Burger King Canary Style 

Generally I've not seen cats close to the sea but noticed them a few times while we  were on holiday.

Go on - Fetch!

You don't intimidate me.

I must confess that 'The guilty pleasure' that is a fast food  burger taken abroad was indulged in ( at Burger King). all in a all a nice trip and another island from the group visited.
The ferry's flag flying in the wind as we returned

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