Saturday, April 04, 2015

End of Philosophy (Class)

Ealing Springs Sprung
Something of a trial to change so many clocks, it happens each year (twice I suppose) but still manual for many devices and timepieces at Highview Towers - as we've  been away for a weeks holiday (more of that in the next day or two) I did them allyesterday.

Ahead of the break I had the final session of this batch of Ealing Philosophy classes.

A certificate to treasure 

Anyway last session covered a little about 'modern' philosophers  Dennett and Nagel- the perspective I got from the group was that they were both concerned with consciousness Nagel's view on Being a Bat seems to be available for interpretation as the thought we can't imagine others lives (human or other species) or that we can.

Dennett's thoughts are more around the human being more some form of a supercomputer with behaviour that can be predicted (a determinist in extremis  perhaps?).

The course was a great experience, with real live discussions, well led and something I looked forward to, so good I might resume in the autumn -well done to Daniel Williams who led the sessions so expertly and with a light touch too.

I'm always (overly) enthusiastic about certificates even as in the case it's only for attendance, I reckon they'd help with some of the CAB money sessions- not sure how this one fits into my general law of the less effort the greater the certificate?
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