Tuesday, July 02, 2013

The planting continues and Big Idea #155 is Keynsianism

Parsnips anyone?
It's great when you can start  enjoying home produced vegetables and this weekend as well as fresh peas and courgettes we were able to harvest our garlic - it'll dry out for a couple of weeks or so and then be ready to eat. I have about 8 bulbs which should last for getting on a year. Here's some tips on drying it out etc.
At the weekend we also sprayed the aphids (black fly) on the Broad beans and Artichokes the spray was just detergent so nothing to worry about - it seems to have already improved the situation.
Have now also planted out some Parsnips (started in old toilet rolls) and Kohlrabi (started in egg boxes) - they should just degrade into the soil.

Big Idea - Keynesianism

JM Keynes was an English  economist whose name has become synonymous with the idea of  Public investment during economic downturns. During the 1930s Keynes believed that putting money into workers pockets and purses could help to rebuild the economy ravaged by the great depression this policy was followed by politicians such as  President FD Roosevelt who created large infrastructure projects like the Hoover Dam.
The large scale rail investment HS2 (in the UK) could be considered another example of Keynesian economics.

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