Saturday, July 20, 2013

New Coffee Shop in Ealing and Idea #168 is Deviance

Anyone for Coffee?
On Friday I was in Ealing and half tempted to try the latest coffee shop which has arrived where Jessops used to be it's  working under the name ‘Harris and Hoole’ which is a new one on me (it’s near WH Smiths), I was surprised and disappointed to find that it's actually 49% owned by  Tesco's  I'm not sure how many cafés Ealing  can sustain and if one doesn't last perhaps it'll be this one? I ended up having a regular cappuccino at Nero's - definitely my favourites coffee chain at present.

 Nice video for the day here

Big Idea Number 168 is Deviance..

Deviance is the term used by Sociologists to describe behaviour that  strays from the 'Norm', that is normative  behaviour Crofton uses the example of the changes in attitude towards homosexuality as n example of how norms can change.
Here's a video about deviance..
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