Monday, July 15, 2013

Printmaking, Kinetic Sculpture and Big Idea #164 is Ritual

My print (from Lino) with second colour
So the Printmaking Workshop at OPEN Ealing  finished last week and it really was enjoyable and I hope to carry on with what I learnt and perhaps take it further - the thing is that there's a need to have a good working area with things set up in a tidy layout.

Kinetic Tennis
At the weekend I attended a Kinetic Sculpture course at Citylit now the course was largely practical but with some key figures mentioned and explanations. It was great to be in a practical environment with pillar drill and an opportunity to try spot welding.
The bat from Maplins
My initial  project idea was initially to animate some 'Op' art but in fact I decided to try something with tennis balls and a bat- didn't manage to finish it - again I need some working space to really get into this.
If you're interested the big names to keep in mind on the subject of Kinetic art which is a fairly new field are (following on from Duchamp) :

Alexander Calder
Jean Tinguely

Big Idea Number 164 is Ritual

Ritual behaviour is established or fixed by traditional rules that have been observed the world over through history. In the study of this behaviour, the terms sacred (the transcendent realm) and profane (the realm of time, space, and cause and effect) have remained useful in distinguishing ritual behaviour from other types of action.
Ritual is often associated with religion but is actually about traditions which can be typically symbolic. Rituals such as Funerals and coming of age are held within families and communities.
Rituals are often held in significant buildings such as churches an temples.

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